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About the game


Dark Harvest is an action RPG using the Paragon assets that Epic released for the Unreal Engine 4.

Sevarog, an ancient evil has woken up and is destroying the world. His minions are everywhere and you will need to destroy them and harvest their souls.

The game offers:

  • Six playable (Handcrafted worlds) worlds
  • Ten playable heroes
  • Ten Difficulty settings
  • Quests
  • Achievements
  • Social features
  • Multiplayer Co-op (not yet implemented)
  • Cosmetic Micro-transactions

The Great Forest


The great forest is a large forest with a town in it. This town is the main hub for the game where you can find quests and portals to other worlds.

The once growing forest is now slowly dying because of the evil that is comming out of the temple. You will need to stop the evil from destroying the forest.

Khaimera and Rampage are the bosses that live in the forest.

You can download the game here.